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We offer a variety of electrical services for both residential and commercial properties, including upgrades, repairs, replacements, and installations.


Is your home suffering through electrical problems but you can’t figure out where they are coming from? Don’t hesitate to call us.

Panel Upgrades

We are a local Denver, Colorado company serving customers all along the front range region, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family. We specialize in Panel Upgrades

Rewiring & New Wiring

Rewiring your home is one of the most difficult and disruptive maintenance works that a homeowner can undertake. 

Surge Protection

Faulty wiring, downed power lines, and overabundance of appliances can overwhelm your electrical system and spell trouble for your home’s power.

Basement’s Electrical Work

If you are ready to have the professionals tackle your basement’s electrical work, feel free to contact us and set up your consultation.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is always a great choice for cooling a room. It is usually the first thing you see when entering a room and can range from sleek and trendy to standard and traditional.

Outdoor and Motion Lighting

One of the most popular trends in home care in recent years is outdoor motion-sensor lighting.

Generator Install & Repair

Don’t fall victim to frequent power outages and call up us who can supply you with a generator that will never call it quits on you.

Wiring Custom Homes

Avoid the costliness of central heating systems by taking a zoned approach to room heating truly an alternative worth consideration!

Lighting Upgrades

Are you noticing your home’s lighting starting to flicker or lose power on a more constant basis? Then you need an electric lighting upgrade! Call us today.

WiFi, USB & GFI outlet Installs

If you’re tired of hunting for the phone and laptop chargers scattered around your house, We’ll help you to install them. 

Emergency Electrician Services

If you experience any of residential electrical issues, contact us for an emergency electrician right away.

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Why Electrical Work Is a Priority for Basement Remodels

Whether you are doing a basement remodel to make it a separate apartment to rent out or as a convenient addition to your current space, the basement wiring and other electrical work should be at the top of your list. As electrical work can represent the most hazardous work to try to DIY, it is best to call in your local Denver licensed electricians to ensure that the work is done quickly and correctly.


If your basement is not finished and is merely framed in, it is the perfect time to have professional electricians come in and work. Before the drywall is hung, it is far easier for wiring to be run, outlets and switches set up and put into place, and any other wiring needs to be taken care of while everything is visible.

Even if your basement has drywall hung, you should still start with electrical work. If you find out that you need to cut into the drywall to replace some wiring or add additional switches and outlets, you don’t want that to happen after you have already patched and painted the walls.


Another critical reason why you should prioritize the electrical work is that basements can often hide electrical problems that may cause issues soon. The unsafe electrical work can span several reasons, such as:


Wiring Not Up-To-Code

Electrical wiring can be not up-to-code due to several reasons. Maybe the previous owner attempted some electrical DIY, or a handyman contractor took some shortcuts. Also, depending on the age of your home, the electrical work may not be up to power the needs of a modern home. Not only can these things fall into the not up-to-code category, but it can represent a serious fire hazard.

With our wiring services, you can have your basement wiring updated and brought up-to-code, as all our electricians are trained and licensed to perform quality electrical work.


Not Optimal Wiring Layout

Basements are often left last during the construction process if they are completed at all. Due to this, the electrical work can be poorly thought out or a bit sloppy and hurried to finish the work.

Rather than struggle with one oddly placed outlet per room and upside-down light switches, you can have our electricians come in and optimize your basement electrical work.


Water Damage Near Electrical Work

Basements can easily become water damaged, as this part of the home sits below the ground level, allowing lawn water to run off into the basement or become flooded after a heavy rainstorm. Not only is this kind of water damage dangerous structurally, but it can deteriorate the integrity of the electrical work, especially if your circuit breaker panel is in the basement.

If you notice water damage in your basement, it is best that you have an electrical inspection. That way, if there are any issues from a shorted-out outlet to a damaged circuit breaker panel, it can be found and corrected.



Most basements if they are wired with lights, have a single source of ambient lighting. However, since basements generally only have window well lighting, this type of lighting is not enough. Instead of buying a bunch of lamps, you can have our electricians add recessed lights and other types of task lighting to your basement. That way, you can easily transform your basement into a welcoming space.

If you are ready to have the professionals tackle your basement’s electrical work, feel free to contact us and set up your consultation. We look forward to helping to transform your space!

Panel Upgrades And Ceiling Fan Installations

We are a local Denver, Colorado company serving customers all along the front range region, are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family. We specialize in Panel Upgrades. If your older home is unable to keep up with the sometimes intense electrical demands of the 21st century, then call us for an electric service panel upgrade.

B2T Electric’s Best Electricians

Ceiling fans are a great way to help control the temperature in your Colorado home. From keeping you cool in the Colorado summer months to spreading the heat around during the brutal winter months, at B2T Electric, we will install the best ceiling fans to compliment your homes interior while also providing the much-needed comfort that you and your family deserves. At B2T Electric, we know how important electricity is to your home. So, whether you need a complete rewiring of your home, a routine safety inspection, or just have a flickering bulb on the back porch, we’ll be ready to give you fast, professional service and take care of the problem.